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With enough time and effort, making money online can be a fairly easy task under certain circumstances. Check this site frequently if you would like to view more potential opportunities about making money online as this list will be occasionally updated. Most of the links on this website are monetized, meaning that if you click on them you will likely be displayed a page of ads for a few seconds before you are taken to the actual URLs. Scroll down to the bottom of the list for more information about URL monetization.

1. Getting Started

There are many websites that will pay you to join. Purchases and/or additional requirements may or may not be required depending on the site. Some of the sites listed below may or may not provide paid surveys, meaning that if the site does provide paid surveys, you can get paid to complete the surveys.

Get $10 for signing up for Ebates.

Get $10 for signing up for Befrugal.

Get $10 for signing up for ibotta.

Get $5 for signing up for Swag Bucks.

Get $5 for signing up for Extra Bucks.

Get $5 for signing up for FusionCash.

Get $5 for signing up for PointClub.

Sign up for Univox community and get $5 free.

Sign up for Cash4Offers and get $5 free.

Sign up for SquishyCash and get $3 free.

Sign up for Mr. Rebates and get $5 free.

Sign up for CreationsRewards and get $5 free.

Sign up for iPoll and get $5 free.

Sign up for SendEarnings and get $5 free.

Sign up for DailyRewards and get $5 free.

Sign up for CouponCactus and get $3 free.

Sign up for inbox dollars and get $5 free.

Sign up for cash crate and get $1 free.

2. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and altcoin faucets are individually not a good method for making a substantial amount of cash, however, I have seen people claim to make a living off of cryptocurrency faucets. If you want to make a decent profit off of cryptocurrency faucets, you will have to spend many hours of your time per day and will have to use many faucets. Faucets are easy to use. Usually, you just have to place your bitcoin or altcoin address into the text box and click the submit button or the equivalent and after you have collected enough satoshi, you will be given the option to withdraw your earnings.

Here is a list of some working faucets.

Coin rotation - Bitcoin and altcoin faucet.

Free btc

Lisk faucet

Bitcoin life Bitcoin faucet.

coin lack bitcoin faucet

highwaytoco Altcoin faucet

Moon Bitcoin Bitcoin and altcoin faucet

Bit Fun Bitcoin faucet


Bonus bitcoin

Join Coin - Faucet

Loan BTC - Bitcoin faucet

GR8 - Bitcoin faucet

FREEBITCOIN - Bitcoin faucet

Field Bitcoins

Wild Bitcoin Bitcoin - Faucet

UP Bitcoin - Faucet

Dance Faucet

Bitcoinker Bitcoin


Coin Dice - Bitcoin and altcoin faucet

Faucet Planet - Bitcoin faucet

Busted Faucet - Bitcoin faucet

World Of Bitcoin - Bitcoin Faucet

Smart Bitcoin - Bitcoin Faucet

luckbit - Bitcoin Faucet

Allbtc - Bitcoin Faucet. Payout reported as: 555 Satoshi

coin-x - Bitcoin Faucet. Payout reported as: 505 Satoshi

Fastcoin - Bitcoin Faucet. Payout reported as: 800 Satoshi

200btc - Bitcoin Faucet - Payout reported as: 200 Satoshi

Green Bitcoin - Bitcoin Faucet. Payout reported as: 300 Satoshi

jetcoin - Bitcoin Faucet. Payout reported as: 500 Satoshi

welovefaucets - Bitcoin faucet. Payout reported as: 125 Satoshi

Freelybitcoin - Bitcoin Faucet. Payout reported as: 100 - 300 Satoshi

B T C LIFE - Bitcoin Faucet. Payout reported as: 251 Satoshi

Crypto4Free - Bitcoin Faucet. Payout reported as: 100 - 1000 Satoshi

PentraFaucet - Bitcoin Faucet - Payout reported as: 25 - 100 Satoshi

SatoshiLabs - Bitcoin Faucet - Payout reported as: 20 - 100 Satoshi

PetraFaucet - Bitcoin Faucet - Payout reported as: 20 - 100 Satoshi

HeptaFaucet - Bitcoin Faucet - Payout reported as 20 - 100 Satoshi

MegaFaucet - Bitcoin Faucet - Payout reported as 140 - 2800 Satoshi

3. Freelance writting.

There are plenty of magazines, publications and websites that allow freelance writers to submit content and get paid for each article of theirs that receives publication. Please read the full information on their websites regarding their submission guidelines and article requirements carefully and examine the content that has already been submitted in order see what has already been published and to form a generalization of the topics and what article formats they are looking for. You probably want to open a PayPal account if you haven't already because a lot of online publications will only send payments through PayPal.

A. Agriculture

Bee Culture - Bee Culture is an American publication aimed towards readers interested in bee keeping in the United States. They allow freelance writers to submit articles between 1000 - 2000 words in length. Pays roughly $150 - $200.

The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener is a popular source of information pertaining to organic agriculture and sutainable living practices. They encourage writers to submit articles consisting of 250 - 2500 words in length. Pay is $20 - $200 depending on the length and quality of the article submitted.

ModernFarmer reportedly pays roughly $150 per article.

Backyard Poultry Magazine is aimed towards publishing content for readers interested in raising and maintaining small flock poultry. Pay is unspecified.

Central Coast Farm & Ranch publishes articles pertaining to agriculture on the central coast. It reportedly pays $350 per article.

The American Woodturner is an American journal which covers all aspects of woodturning. Pay is unspecified.

Farming Magazine publishes content to educate farmers on how to gain higher profits and conduct and maintain ecologically safe practices.

Concrete Garden is a Canadian publication coverering everything pertaining to urban agriculture. Pay is unspecified.

Rice Today is an international magazine dedicated towards researchers and updates with topics pertaining to rice production. Article length is between 800 and 2000 words. They require all articles to be in Microsoft Word format. Pay is unspecified.

Hobby Farms Magazine is a publication decicated towards hobby or small farmers living in rural areas. I am not quite sure if they still allow freelance writers. I would recommend contacting them.

Capper's Magazine is a widely read publication directed towards readers interested in rural life, gardening, urban farming and possibly other topics. Length of articles should be between 500 and 1500 words. Pay is unspecified.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac provides timeless content within a variety of categories pertaining to farming. Payment is unspecified.

B. Business, Finance, career and corporate.

Alaska Business Monthly is dedicated to Alaskans and other audiences interested in conducting business in Alaska. They encourage writers to submit content pertaining to Alaska business and Alaskan corporations. Pay is unspecified.

Money Pantry is a site geared towards money making and saving tips. It reportedly pays $150 per article.

Atlanta Tribune Publishes content and resources in the aspects of wealth creation and business in Atlanta. Pay is unspecified.

Atlantic Business Magazine is dedicated to publishing articles and information pertaining to business in the four Atlantic provinces. Pays 40 cents per word.

Income diary reportedly pays between $50 - $200 per article published for anything and everything related to online businesses.

BC Business Magazine publishes articles and content pertaining to the work life of their readers. Pay is unspecified.

Ecommerce Insiders is a central hub which publishes view, insights and information from people who make a living online. Pay is $150

Alaska Airline Magazine is an in-flight magazine for airlines in Alaska. Pay varies. They supposedly pay $700 for articles consisting of 2000 - 2500 words.

Douglas Business Magazine is a publication that is aimed towards providing inspiration and innovation that helps CEO's and business owners shape their careers and future. They are in need of content on the following subjects: business features, real estate and development, finance, sales and marketing. Pays 40 cents per word.

B. Michelle Pippin is a publication dedicated towards business.

CEO Hangout is a networking organization that conducts events, networking opportunities and provides resources for CEOs and business owners. Pays $50 per article if you make pre arrangements with the editor.

Connecticut Magazine is a publication that covers a variety of subjects pertaining to business. Contact the editor. Pay is unspecified.

DailyWorth is an informational resources pertaining to women and money. Pays $150.

1859 Oregon Magazine is a publication that covers business related topics. Reportedly pays 50 cents per word.

Pittsburgh Magazine is a publication that focuses on business related topics inside and outside of Pittsburgh. Pay is unspecified.

Southeast Asia Globe is a publication that covers Southeast Asian society, politics, business/economy, lifestyle and culture. Pay is unspecified.

Work online blog accepts articles related to online business. It reportedly pays $50 per article.

Horizon Edition Magazine is a business and travel publication for Horizon air. Articles should be well-researched, and between 300 and 2,500 words in length. Pay is $450.

Doctor of Credit will pay $50 per article pertaining to finance and credit.

A List Apart accepts articles about design. It reportedly pays $100 per article.

Bloom Magazine is a general interest publication for the people of Bloomington, Indiana. It covers a wide variety of business and financial areas and topics. Pay is unspecified.

JSTOR Daily is an online magazine dedicated to providing a new way for readers to understand and contextualize their world. through topics like scholarly essays and current affairs. Pay is unspecified.

eCommerce Insiders is a central hub that focuses on online retailing. Pays $60 - 150.

FreelanceMom reportedly pays $75 - $100 for articles about running a business as a parent.

Milwaukee Magazine is a general interest magazine for the people of Milwaukee and southern Wisconsin. They publish a variety of topics including business, current affairs and environmental issues. Pay is unspecified.

FreshBooks pays $200 per post.

C. Religion

America Magazine provides a catholic viewpoint towards faith and culture. Pay is unspecified.

TabletMag pays for articles about Jewish news, ideas nd culture.

Answers Magazine want articles thst “illustrate the importance of Genesis in building a creation-based worldview, and that equips readers with practical answers so they can confidently communicate the gospel and biblical authority with accuracy and graciousness”. It reportedly pays up to $400 per article.

CATECHIST Magazine wants articles that pertain to and are relevant to catechists, religious teachers and directors of religious education. Pay is unspecified.

Clubhouse magazine publishes fictional and nonfictional content aimed towards christian children. Reportedly pays 15 - 20 cents per article.

Catholic Digest is looking for lifestyle articles “that encourages and supports Catholics in a variety of life stages and circumstances”. It reportedly pays up to $500 per article.

Aish accepts first person account and experiences on Orthodox Jewish beliefs. Reportedly pays $200 per article or publication.

Charisma Magazine is looking for articles "that empowers believers to be passionate, Spirit-filled Christians". Pay is unspecified.

FCA Magazine is a christian sports magazine. Pay is unspecified.

Connect Journal is looking for articles aimed at adults whose ministry with young people is their vocation. Reportedly pays up to $200 per article.

GROUP Magazine is looking for articles on successful youth ministry strategies. It reportedly pays up to $400 per article.

Creation Illustrated is “looking for high quality articles and poetry that bring glory to God through the wonders of His creation”. It reportedly pays up to $100 per article.

Devozine is a magazine aimed at helping teens develop a lifelong practice of prayer and spiritual reflection. Pays up to $100 per article.

D. Health

Eating Well is a food magazine that focuses on eating healthy. It reportedly pays around $1 per word.

The Anxiety Foundation pays $50 for articles that pertain to mental health.

Common Ground is a Canadian magazine that is look for article regarding health, wellness, the environment, transformational travel and personal growth. It reportedly pays 10 cents per article.

Mental Health Matters is a clearing house of information that provides a variety of topics related to mental health. Pay, if any, is unspecified.

Psych Central is looking for articles about mental health. Pay is unspecified.

The Atlantic's health section reportedly pays $200 per article.

Diabetes Health is a magazine for people living with diabetes and people who care for people with diabetes. Pay is unspecified.

Radish is a magazine that helps people improve their health through “the natural foods, products and services of western Illinois and eastern Iowa”. It reportedly pays $50 - $150.

Psychology for Living is a Christian psychology magazine looking for articles that apply safe biblical and phychology principle to everyday life issues. It reportedly pays between $75 - $200.

IDEAFit is a health and fitness magazine looking for “articles that serve the needs of fitness, wellness and health professionals.” Pay is unspecified.

The Aquarian is a new age magazine that publishes content related to hollistic health practices. It reportedly pays 10 cents per word.

Wellbeing magazine is looking for articles about natural health, natural therapies, exercise, environment, natural beauty, caring for animals with natural remedies and therapies, real life experience of overcoming serious health issues using natural means and more. It reportedly pays up to $500 per article.

Women's Running magazine is looking for articles about health, fitness, healthy recipes and more. Pay is unspecified.

Mother Earth Living is a natural health magazine that focuses on healthy living and green living. Pay is unspecified.

You and Me magazine is a medical magazine looking for articles regarding the aspects of dealing with all medical health issues. Pay is unspecified.

Animal Wellness is a popular natural health care magazine in North America focusing on health and wellness for animals.

Whole Life Times is a hollistic health magazine that that is looking for articles on holistic and integrative health, green living, sustainability and organic food, alternative healing and “anything that deals with a progressive, healthy lifestyle.” It reportedly pays up to $150 per article.

Vibrant life is looking for articles about physical and mental health from a Christian perspective. It reportedly pays between $100 - $300.

Healthy Living Magazine covers a variety of health related topics, beauty, travel and parenting.

E. Technology

WordCandy is looking for ghostwritten pieces about wordpress. It reportedly pays 6 - 10 cents per word.

Digital Ocean is looking for "beautifully-written" tutorials about Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting. It reportedly pays up to $200 per article.

Site point reportedly pays $150 for articles and $200 for tutorials pertaining to HTML, CSS, Sass, developer tools and more.

Lab Mice reportedly pays $60 - $100 per article.

PhotoshopTutorials reportedly pays $50 for quick, useful tips and $150 - $300 for full tutorials about photoshop.

TECHNIG allows people to write articles for them. Pay is unspecified.

Crazy Leaf Design focuses on web design, illustrations, programming and design related articles. Pay is unspecified.

The Graphic Design School reportedly pays $100 - $200 for articles that pertain to graphic design and Adobe products.

Smashing Magazine accepts articles, tutorials, tips and tricks about design and development. Pay is unspecified.

World Start is a place where you can submit tips and tricks that can help people who are not so tech-savvy gain a greater understanding of technologies. It reportedly pays $25 - $50 per article.

MakeTechEasier is looking for tutorials, quick fixes and shortcuts. Pay is unspecified.

Technopedia The goal of Techopedia is to make complicated technology more simplistic to understand.

Tuts+ reportedly pays $100 and up tutorials covering a wide range of topics pertaining to technology.

SlickWP reportedly pays $100 for posts about WordPress and Genesis Theme framework.

Compose reportedly pays $200 and $200 in Compose database credits for articles about databases.

F. Parenting and Family

Babble reportedly pays $100 - $150 for articles about parenting, pregnancy, entertainment, food, beauty, style and travel.

FamilyFun reportedly pays $1.25 per word for articles consisting of 800 - 3000 words.

HerViewFromHome reportedly pays up to $100 for 4000 views on articles pertaining to your home, family and life.

Just Parents is a UK based publication focusing on pregnancy and parenting. It is reported to pay $60 per post.

Well Family is the New York Times parenting blog. It is reported to pay $100 per article.

Parent.co reportedly pays $50 for articles focusing on parenting and family issues.

G. Food, Travel, Other

The Salt is the NPR's food blog. It reportedly pays $200 and up for articles.

ListVerse will pay $100 for lists containing ten items.

Saveur is looking for “amazing stories about food and travel.” It reportedly pays $150 and up.

Desert Times reportedly pays $50 and up for articles about North American deserts, cultures and lifestyles surrounding them.

Smithsonian reportedly pays 50 - 60 cents per word.

Back2College wants articles about education for older students.

TheWriteLife Will pay for certain posts, but you will have to negotiate your rates.

4. Install software on computerized devices.

Some companies will pay you to install their software on your computerized devices such as smart phones and PCs. The softwares have different features such as monitoring the CPU performance on your devices or statistical analyzations such as how you interact and use certain websites or services.

Savvy Connect reportedly pays $5 per month per device.

My Cashware will utilize your computer's resources to mine cryptocurrencies.

It is reported that Cross Media Panel will pay you $144 per year to install their software.

Frequent flyer app pays $60 per year.

Ebesucher reportedly pays $65 per year.

Adfun reportedly pays $15 a month per device that it is installed on.

Media Insiders App reportedly pays $2 per month with a maximum of 3 devices.

5. Get paid to play games.

Play games, win money. Read their rules and guidelines for more information.

Play games for bitcoin.


Ozone Play



Get paid to play pokemon.

6. URL Shorteners.

URL Shorteners will usually pay somewhere between $2 - $12 for 1000 clicks. The process is simple, select one of the services listed below, create an account, shorten a URL that you have, copy the new link and get people to click on it. Read their rules and guidelines for more information.

Link shortener









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